Member’s Craft

Engraved glasses by Karen Homer-Forbes
Bedtime Book Cushions by Sue Wilkes
Hand Knitted Socks by Jill Tibble

Jill Tibble’s Felted Soaps

Fingerless Mittens

Decorative bottles by Sue Wilke

Lavender bags and pillows by Sue Wilkes

Woven wire jewellery by Barbara Hutchinson


Lovely colourful window display of polymer clay by Jenny Milner


Cross stitch by Caroline Hadfield

Helen Derpper’s parchment owl T-light holders

‘Pebble Pals’ by Joanne Blaikie

Suzanne Scrimshaw
Suzanne Scrimshaw Decorated spoons, mugs etc.

j and d L
Jane and David Lawrence Art and Crafts

jane l 01
Jane Lawrence Textile bags etc.

Jill Peer Dolls and more

pete t 03 tree of life
Pete Tibble mounted copper work

sophie milward
Sophie Milward Silver Jewellery

Jeni Chesney Crafts and Textiles

helen d
Helen Depper Decorated eggs and more


Liz Huppert
Liz Huppert Stained glass

jenny m best
Jenny Milner Jewellery, clocks and more

daniel james
Daniel James Blacksmith metal work

beryl wale
Beryl Wale Knitted and crochet work

shanti main 2
Shanti Main Jewellery and more

ruth boothby 2
Ruth Boothby Varied material bags

Jill Peer Hats and many varied items

chris white 2
Chris White Knitted hats, gloves etc.

barb hutchInson 2
Barbara HutchInson Knitted toys and hats

Don Davies
Don Davies Wood

Eve Horne
Eve Horne Notice boards and more

brian porter
Brian Porter Wood

Vivien Brookes
Vivien Brookes Illuminated bottles

liz Huppert fox
liz Huppert Stained Glass fox

Jill Peer Hats and more.
Jill Peer Hats and more.

A wide range of clocks by Jenny Milner
A wide range of clocks by Jenny Milner


Jewelry by Emma Seabright
Bangles by Emma Seabright
Resin Jewellery by Marcelle Blake
Resin Jewellery by Marcelle Blake

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