July 2021   Tibble-Tibble-Callinan 

Pete Tibble (AKA Copperhead Road)
“I worked as a BBC cameraman for 24 years, but before that was an electronics engineer. When i saw some etched copper decorative work on the internet it reminded me of having etched circuit boards as a teenager, so I thought I’d have a go again. Then after doing a silversmithing course I started making jewellery and also applying the techniques to making layered landscapes of different metals. 
I still like to always have a camera to hand, but stick to stills photography these days. My latest relaxation is making silly models in polymer clay”

Jill Tibble

“I joined the Guild in late summer of 2017; my husband Pete had been a member for a while and when I suddenly discovered a love of knitting socks, this was an ideal outlet (after all, how many pairs of socks can you give as Christmas presents… the answer is actually quite a few!).
I love knitting; it’s relaxing and once I know a pattern fairly well, I can even watch subtitled films and knit at the same time.  I also occasionally knit other things; cardigans, scarves, keyrings and fingerless mittens.   In addition, I have felted soaps, made some needle felted animals and have crafted quirky animals out of polymer clay.
I love being part of the Gallery; it’s great to be part of an arty-crafty community and when “on duty”, you meet lots of people from all over the world.”

Rosie Callinan designs and creates original mosaics, garden sculptures and ornaments. She draws her inspiration from the natural world and especially her garden. Many of her recent works use glass as the main mosaic material which allows her to incorporate more colour and light.  Her work includes mosaic birds, mirrors and wall hangings for both house and garden.  One of her passions is creating mosaics made from rock, pebbles and stones that have been picked up from beaches and other places in the days when travel was allowed! 

Rosie Callinan


Inside the Gallery we have a separate Exhibition Room, allowing us to highlight the talent of specific artists/crafts on a monthly basis.  

Coming Next :

Our Exhibition Room is available to be booked monthly by guild members, non-members, schools or art groups.  

Please contact us for further information

June 2021: KHF Glass and Red Dog Crafts

Local Crafters – Red Dog Crafts and KHF Glass are holding a joint exhibition and sale of Art & Crafts  throughout June 2021.  

Items for sale include: Individually hand-engraved glass Fused-glass, wood crafts, acrylic art, and polymer clay items.  

Karen started selling her art and crafts after an injury at work, and subsequent complications caused her to leave her profession as a Veterinary Nurse.  She is happy to take commissions for personalised or bespoke designs.  

Feel free to contact Karen at KHF_Glass@yahoo.co.uk 

Husband Neil started his woodwork crafts after moving into a property with a small woodland.  All the wood that he uses is either locally sourced or recycled.

Website: http://www.khfglass.co.uk/


May 2021

Sue & Chris Wilkes

This month we have a really colourful exhibition by Sue and her son, Chris.

Sue’s work is mostly on the craft side, textile and papercraft including greetings cards.  Also decorative bottles and a few abstract paintings.

Chris had a stroke last year, is thankfully now recovered, but has found a wonderful new talent in the last year or so.  He hadn’t done any painting since he was at school but now enjoys his new found hobby. He paints in acrylics, watercolours and oil and has also begun to work in charcoal.

All items are available to purchase through the Gallery.


April 2021 

Local Artist and Photographer Brian Merrien